The Sydney Wildlife Rescue Mobile Care Unit - Update

On Saturday the 11th of January 2020, the Mobile Care Unit embarked on it's first journey.

The team was meeting at Waratah Park with a view to being on the road within the hour. They left in a bit of a convoy as they had the van, 2 or 3 private vehicles, 6 veterinarians, 3 rescuers, 3 joeys, a crew from SBS and a trailer/truck loaded with hay and water stations. The Sydney Wildlife volunteers on board were Lynleigh Greifg, Joan Reid and Toni Barnes.  

The drive took them approximately 3 - 4 hours and once they arrived in the fire grounds, they set up at Adrina Selles’ property in Wandandian.  Some of team stayed for 1 night, some for 2 nights, others for just the day.  
With 6 vets on duty, there was plenty of rotations so they wouldn't get too exhausted and they got some time to rest up again.
A film crew from SBS joined them and created this beautiful video you can watch here.

There was also a small gathering of Terrey Hills locals and Sydney Wildlife rescuers congregating along Booralie Rd in Terrey Hills near the shops to wave us off.

If you would like to know more about the Sydney Wildlife Care Unit, you can follow them on their Facebook page where they post updates regularly