Join us for a walk in Lane Cove!

 Venteman’s Reach Nature Walk, Lane Cove River

Late in 2019, Sydney Wildlife Rescue was awarded a grant by the Commonwealth Government, under their ‘Communities Environment Program’. We had been working with Lane Cove Council Bushland staff, and this grant came up at an opportune time for us to see our project progress.

Now 18 months later, with two time extensions due to Covid, our project has been completed!

Venteman’s Reach is a stretch of bushland along the Lane Cove River. The walk starts at Blackman Park, which has large sports fields, community and sports premises, outdoor human and dog exercise areas (with gym equipment) and spacious picnic and playground areas. A popular community facility. The path along the river has been there for some years, and in the past there have been nest boxes and signage – all of which were in bad repair. Our project has been designed to –

  1. Provide 10 new nest boxes of various types – mammals and birds. These are to replace a few old ones and to provide homes in an ever-decreasing natural environment, as local business precincts encroach.

  2. Fit 4 of the nest boxes with fixed cameras with solar power, so the Council staff can monitor the wildlife using them, and the feral/predator population. The staff have been receiving reports since late last year, and we believe most boxes are occupied by the target wildlife, though as we all know, ringtails and lorikeets predominate! So far, we’ve only seen one predator in the area – a fox. Eventually the staff are hoping to make this area a ‘Wildlife Protection Area’ with the help of the camera evidence. 

  3. A portable pole camera which can be used at any time, including on guided walks, to peep into the nest boxes and see what is there (see photos).

  4. Provide interactive signage, a main sign about the ecology of the Lane Cove River and what to look for along the way, and 8 smaller signs, covering the main animals and birds found in the area. These signs have QR codes to give bird calls and connect to information. 

Apart from the essential new nests and monitoring function, and a pleasant short, interesting walk for the public, this walk will be an ideal wildlife education venue. Plans are afoot for Council’s ‘Bushkids’ educator, Val, to use it frequently, and I am planning guided walks for some of our community education work.

Go for a bushwalk

Along Ventemans Track, take your time to look and listen for the sights and sounds of life along the river. You will discover nesting boxes and interpretive signage with information about some of the birds and mammals that call the Lane Cove River home. You can also listen to the bird calls by using the QR codes. Many of these animals rely on hollows for shelter. In urban areas, mature trees that provide hollows are limited. Nesting boxes in parks or household gardens are an imp
ortant alternative providing the shelter and safety these animals need to raise their young.

Enjoy this peaceful riverside walk!